Sire:  I-Catcher’s Ole Blue Eyes ( BLUE EYES )

Dam: Wiccacats Marhyssa Of I-Catchers's


From USA





Aurora is my special girl, shares the same name as my mother….she was also born one day before my birthday…
She has a wonderful dome and heavy boned body structure, has very tiny ears with beautiful open expression.
Wonderful temperament and very easy to show.
We are very proud of her, she achieved the National Winner and Junior Winner Fife title.
Thank you Jane Lamas….she will be our forever pillow cat.

Sire:  Jantar Be Joy

Dam: Carinos Destiny






Lolita is sweet and calm just like her mother. Same temperament.

Very short and cobby. Litle ears and a cute tail with a white dot.

Sire:  Dclass Hagen of Carinos

Dam: Carinos Wish Me


From Germany





Destiny is sweet as honey…never complains and easy to bathe and groom. Always under our feet….

She’s improving more and more as she is developing. We love her wonderful pedigree, small tiny nose and her big heavy body.

She loves to eat and sleep and be where the action is! If I’m cooking, she is there! If I am taking a shower, she is there!!

She is like our shadow! She is also Aurora’s best friend. They love each other! Thank you Christine.

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